Architecture Council for Excellence

Purpose or Mandate

The Department of Architecture is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service in the discipline of architecture and its practice as a contributor to the built environment. 

The Architecture Council for Excellence through the generosity of its membership is committed to enhancing excellence through the support of and service to Department of Architecture.

The Architecture Council for Excellence bridges the academic experience and the professional world by creating relationships between former students, faculty and the students. The Council makes this link between the past, present and the future in a variety of ways.

The objectives and purpose of the Council is to:


The business and affairs of the Council shall be conducted by its general membership of the Council through the election of an Executive Committee of the Council.

The affairs of the Council shall be managed by the Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, an Executive Director, Chairs of each subcommittee and the immediate Past President.

All officers with the exception of the Executive Director shall be elected by the general membership pursuant to nominations made by a membership subcommittee.

The officers to be elected to a one year term effective on January 1st of the next calendar year.

The Executive Director shall be the Head of the Department of Architecture.

Definitions of Offices


The Council shall conduct some of its affairs and business through standing subcommittees of the Council. Such subcommittees will be appointed by the Executive Committee from the membership of the Council. The President will present the slate of members of each subcommittee for the next calendar year at the Fall meeting of each odd numbered year for approval by the Council. The chairs and members may serve for more than one term beginning January 1st of the next year.

Standing Subcommittees

Composition- Membership

The Council shall consist of individuals and firms or other business related entities who have a strong interest in the discipline of architecture and its practice.

Membership consists of the following categories:

Budget and Expenditures

All donations and membership fees will be deposited in an account assigned to the Council, maintained by the Texas A&M Foundation.

Disbursements from the Council account may be made by the Executive Director pursuant to the budget approved by the Executive Committee.

The proposed budget of the Council for the next calendar year will be prepared by the Budget sub-committee of the Executive Committee and presented to the Council general membership for approval at the fall meeting each year.

The budget of the Council will be allocated to the following general categories:

  1. Student Enrichment (support of organizations, field trips, lecture programs, career fairs etc...) 
  2. Student Scholarship
  3. Department Discretionary 
  4. Research Studies and Faculty Development 
  5. Operation of the Council

Use of all funds shall be reported to the Council membership on an annual basis.

*Fifty percent (50%) of Individual membership fees shall be used as discretionary funds for the Department of Architecture. 
**Premier membership - Any donation or gift of giving exceeding $1000 may be specifically designated to a budget category or specific Council initiative.


The Council’s Executive Committee and general membership shall meet twice each year on or near the Texas A&M campus - once in the fall and once in the spring. Dates of these meetings will be set well in advance by the Executive Director and will be provided to all members at least 30 days before each meeting.

In addition the Executive Director will meet once each year in Houston, Dallas, and Austin/San Antonio with members of the Council for an informal update of the Council and the Departmental activities. Notice of these meetings will be provided to members in that area at least 15 days in advance.