Career Change Program

Master of Architecture

Marcel Erminy
Associate Professor of Practice
Associate Head for Professional Program

Ginger White
Program Coordinator I

Recipients of any bachelor's degree, other than a pre-professional degree in Architecture or Environmental Design, may apply for admission to the Career Change program. This program is intended to supplement the general education acquired earlier with the professional education for architecture. The Career Change program enables students who hold degrees in fields other than architecture to enter the Master of Architecture program.

The basic curriculum of the Career Change program is an intensive introduction + a three-semester sequence (2-week summer introduction, fall, spring and summer), comprising courses in design and visual communication, construction and structural systems, environmental control systems, and architectural history. The Career Change curriculum may be adjusted to suit the needs of each student based on the background area of their first degree.

Students who have completed the Career Change program with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and who have submitted a portfolio for review by the admissions committee will be considered for continuation into the 52-credit hour Master of Architecture program. Some students might be required to perform additional prerequisite work before entering the professional program.


Master of Architecture Career Change Curriculum

Summer (Introduction to Architecture)

ARCH 600 Special Topic- Introduction to Architecture and Urban Design 2 hours
2 hours


ARCH 601 Design Foundations I 6 hours
ARCH 610 Visual Communications 3 hours
ARCH 612 Structural and Environmental Technology Concepts 3 hours
ARCH 350 History of Modern Architecture 3 hours
15 hours


ARCH 602 Design Foundations II 6 hours
ARCH 614 Elements of Architectural Structures 3 hours
ARCH 615 Elements of Environmental Control Systems 3 hours
ARCH 249 Survey of Architectural History I 3 hours
15 hours


ARCH 603 Design Foundations III 6 hours
ARCH 250 Survey of Architectural History III 3 hours
9 hours

Total Course Work 41 hours

Course Descriptions in the Graduate Catalogue 
Course Descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalogue


In addition to fulfilling the entrance requirements to the university, all applicants for admission into the Career Change program should submit 3 letters of recommendation, and a comprehensive goals statement. A portfolio displaying creative abilities and/or interest in architecture is optional and may include:

  • Reproductions of the applicant's drawings, artwork, or other examples of ability for graphic expression;
  • Articles, essays, or papers prepared by the applicant on design or environmental topics; and
  • Illustrations from the applicant's work experience in architecture or related fields.

Your resume and portfolio should be sent directly to the Department of Architecture.
The address is:
   Texas A&M University
   Department of Architecture
   TAMU MS 3137
   College Station, Texas 77843

Your application and three letters of recommendation should be sent to the Graduate Admissions of Texas A&M University. Please note that the application will not be processed by the Admissions Office until the application fee and all requested information (GRE, transcripts, etc.) has been received.

In general, the university application deadlines should be observed, however students wishing to be considered for financial assistance should submit all application materials to the university and department by 15 January. All students who are accepted are recommended to enter the program with sufficient preparation in math and physics.


All curricular inquiries regarding the Architecture Career Change program should be directed to:

Marcel Erminy 
Associate Professor of Practice
Associate Head for Professional Programs
Department of Architecture
College of Architecture
Texas A & M University
College Station, TX 77843-3137
Phone: +1 (979) 845-6436

All inquiries regarding application or admission to the Architecture Career Change program should be directed to:

Ginger White
Program Coordinator I
Department of Architecture 
College of Architecture
Texas A & M University 
College Station, Texas 77843-3137
Phone: +1 (979) 458-3042