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Master of Science in Architecture
Master of Architecture

The Master of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture's dual-degree offering prepares graduates to enter the burgeoning research-informed practice of Architecture by offering a combined degree program that interlinks education and training in both research methodologies and professional practice. This dual degree explores and defines how methods of creating new knowledge inform professional practice and how design practice uncovers and creates needs for the application of methodologies in the generation of new knowledge. Students in the dual degree complete a total of seven semesters of study. In the first two semesters of the M.Arch program, students complete rigorous foundational design studies and identify a specialized study area. This area becomes the focus of a three-semester Master of Science thesis completed under a faculty committee's guidance. The completed thesis is then used as the generator to inform a design study that forms the final two semesters of the Master of Architecture.

The Master of Architecture portion of the study is NAAB accredited and aligns graduates with a path to professional licensure.

MS in Architecture + M.Arch Curriculum

ARCH 605 Architectural Design I 6 hours
ARCH 606 Architectural Design II 6 hours
ARCH 607 Architectural Design III 6 hours
ARCH 608 Architectural Design IV 6 hours
ARCH 631 Structural Systems 3 hours
ARCH 633 Environmental Control Systems 3 hours
ARCH 657 Professional Practice 3 hours
ARCH 658 Materials and Assemblies 3 hours
ARCH 637, 638, 639, 640 or 645 Approved architectural theory course 3 hours
ARCH 644 or 649 Approved architectural history course 3 hours
ARCH 669 Foundations of Research in Architecture 3 hours
ARCH 681 Seminar 1 hour
ARCH 685 Directed Study (2) + Final Study Proposal (1) 3 hours
ARCH 690 Research Ideologies for Architecture 3 hours
ARCH 691 Research 8 hours
CARC 698 Writing for Publication 3 hours
Electives (3-MS; 6-M.Arch) 9 hours

Total Course Work 72 hours