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Emeritus Faculty


Contains the names and award date of all emeritus faculty within the department of architecture
Last, First Name Award Date
Blake, Nan
Boyer, Lester September 2001
Claycamp, Carrol September 2005
Cote, Duane
Degelman, Larry September 2000
Fisk, III, Pliny January 2014
Geva, Anat November 2020
Greer, John Only November 2011
Harper, William
Hutchinson, Joseph May 2005
Johnson, Robert November 2011
Kirchman, Susan July 2007
Maffei, Gerald July 2007
McGraw, Joseph
McKittrick, Thomas September 2002
Moore, Gladys
Paul, Vivian March 2011
Perry, Dale January 2003
Pledger, Roy
Priesmeyer, Larry September 2000
Quantrill, Malcolm March 2008
Regan, J. Thomas February 2013
Reed, Raymond
Rodiek, Susan May 2019
Schiffhauer, Robert February 2016
Shepley, Mardelle February 2016
Stacell, Alan September 2000
Tabb, Phil February 2018
Ulrich, Roger November 2011
Wells, Ward February 2018
White, Charles July 2007
Woodcock, David November 2011