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Research & Service


There are over fifty members of the Department of Architecture faculty. Faculty members hold degrees in architecture, design, law, engineering, psychology, sociology, fine art, computer science, physics, and many other fields.

As an example of a Tier 1 research university, the department’s educational programs align extensive scientific and humanistic inquiry with its educational mission. The faculty in the Department of Architecture conduct both funded and unfunded research using scientific investigation, creative expression, and scholarly work. Faculty members and students engage in research, creative, and scholarly activities that situate them as individuals and collaborators while being on the leading edge of disciplinary knowledge development and investigation.

The topical areas align with faculty areas of expertise and focus on design pedagogy, interdisciplinary design, architectural design and practice, affordable housing and sustainable design, fabrication, and construction, circular economies, material innovation, energy management and performance in buildings, evidence-based design of health facilities, public health, design computation, virtual heritage, digital humanities, agro-industrial community design and development, community engagement and resiliency, and facility management and operations. A more extensive portrayal of research interests within the department is available by perusing the faculty directory.

Many faculty members actively participate in research in one of the College of Architecture Research Centers, which share and collaborate on research issues through the College Research and Interdisciplinary Council. The following link provides highlights of the scholarly contributions of the faculty including editorial services to prominent research journals.



Devotion to the needs of the public through service is one of the primary missions of Texas A&M University as a land-grant, sea-grant, air-grant, and sea-grant institution. The department maintains a deep commitment to serving the people of Texas, the United States, and the world through engagement-focused projects that have tangible and enduring value. The Department of Architecture engages in a large number of service and engagement projects each year. These typically include conceptual explorations of design for public agencies and non-governmental service agencies, building planning and programming for state agencies and institutions, and aid to disadvantaged populations. The department’s engagement activities intersect with its educational and research mission to provide students with opportunities to work collaboratively with thought leaders trained in design thinking and design practice to address historically underserved segments of the population, such as the people of the colonias along the U.S.-Mexico border and those affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters. The department also offers students a range of opportunities to develop leadership responsibilities through student organizations, internships, research and teaching assistantships, and community engagement activities that serve the region, nation, and international community. Faculty also provide extensive service to national and international academic and professional organizations.