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2021 Celebration of Excellence

Final Study books from the M.Arch class of 2021. 

Undulating Lines

Joseph Ali

Supportive Collage Infrastructure

Manuel Alvarado

Neighborhood Sufficiency

Macy Anderson

Memory Distillery: An Island Journey

Brendon Bangert

Uncanny Ecology

Brenden Bjerke

Social Media Catalyst for Pedagogical Architecture

Jorge Casique

San Rafael Blend

Maria F. Chacon Portillo

Red, Yellow, Blue

Mariana Echanove

American College Town Mosque

Elham Fairuz

Shock Trauma Bed Tower

Surilkumar Gajera


Luis Garibay

Rethinking the Box

Oscar Garza Reza

Modular Regeneration

Aaron Grimes

MARU: Space Connecting People

Nari Kim

Vertical Green House Homes

Ruomeng Li

The Power of Nature

Yangzao Li

Neighborhood of Hope

Heather Lorenzo

The Living Narrative

Britteny Martinez

Genesis Rehab Center

Jessica Martinez

Re-Signifying the Old Nueces County Courthouse

Christopher Olivarez

The Rural Outpatient Veterinary Clinic

Darrion Orpinel


Alyssa Pennacchi

The Forgotten In-Between: Activating a Neighborhood

Sahar Radwan

An Architecture of Restoration

Neha Rampuria

Temporal Cartographies

John Scott

Haven in the Meadows

Kinjal Shah

Hot Cold Warm

Uran Sokoli

Gateway Tower

Brian Vu

A is for Apples

Dezhong Wang

Mueller Community + Resource Center

Danielle Wilder

Luce Sacra

Karina Zapata

The Hybrid

Sugey Zavala