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Texas A&M University College of Architecture


The Bachelor of Environmental Design Program

The undergraduate curriculum in Environmental Design at Texas A&M University is offered through the Department of Architecture. The four year Bachelor of Environmental Design (B.E.D) degree prepares students for challenging careers in industries supporting the built environment. Students who enroll in the Bachelor of Environmental Design engage in a degree program that fosters creativity and problem-solving skills, provides extensive knowledge of architectural history and theory, and cultivates high levels of knowledge and capability in building and design technology. Coursework encourages multidisciplinary and comparative perspectives that allow opportunities for communication and team oriented methods of production. Global perspectives are encouraged by a mandatory semester-long study away experience that includes study abroad or internship opportunities.

Students develop skills and acquire knowledge through a studio-based experience with a variety of proposed or actual design projects. The studio projects place a shared emphasis on the technical and expressive content of design work, the processes by which student's research, synthesize and document their design ideas, and the creation of tangible products that achieve a high quality of graphic and physical craft.

The four-year B.E.D degree at Texas A&M University is a pre-professional degree. Students interested in professional registration as an architect must complete a National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) accredited Master of Architecture program in addition to the four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree. Students interested in graduate M.Arch programs pursue the Architecture Design Study Track requiring a sequence of eight architecture design studios (the Architectural Design Studies Track) - one design studio each semester.

In lieu of the sequence of eight architectural design studios, upper division students may obtain the Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree by pursuing an Architecture Research Study Track of study requiring a sequence of six design studios. This track of study allows students to complete research and a written thesis in specialized fields within the broad discipline of architecture. This sequence is normally not considered a direct path to the professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree. Students pursuing this track should note that additional coursework may be required prior to consideration or admittance to M.Arch graduate programs. The track is beneficial to students interested in Master of Science or PhD programs in architecture.

Student Work

Samples of student work are provided to illustrate the research and studies undertaken in undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the department.

Course Listing

An extensive listing of undergraduate and graduate courses with ARCH, CARC and ENDS designations address a wide range of topics in the built environment.